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    My ex has been gone for over 7 mths never showed an interest in hte dogs since hes been gone never even said hello or showed interest when i suggested maybe having to get rid of the one in his name.

    Just said he couldnt take him coz of his housing situation being wrong.

    Hes recently said to he kids hes moving so now my worry after suggesting to take them for a walk to the littlest child that he wants to take them of me.

    What are his rights especially with the one in his name :/.


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    He didnt want them when i suggested the possiblity of getting rid though.

    He suggested i take him to the rspca but i manned up and made sure i did everything not to allow my family to be disrupted anymore :/

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    hes never took them out ir offered to help in costs so we cpuld go away or even stroked them when hes visited. In fact he jngnored them. 

    He wants to walk them he never technically said he wanted them just to tkae them out but he never really did it when he was here i was sole custodiy really.

    Wheb he left we decided theyd stau here as he works full time we thought the best thing is that they stau here with me and the kids. Maybe im just bieng paranoid after the way he left.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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