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    Hi, I just want to get people’s views on the schedule I’m proposing to my estranged husband regarding contact with our soon to be born son.

    He decided to leave when I was 5 months pregnant and have shown no interest as my pregnancy has progressed, but insists he wants to play an active role in our child’s life. I’ve tried to reach out to him a few times, but I only get replies that appear to be quite bitter and hostile towards me (I have no idea where this hostility has come from, we had a great relationship up until he decided to walk)

    I was happy for him to be at the birth, but due to his attitude towards me I’m going to tell him that it wont be possible as he doesn’t seem to be in a place where he can offer me any support or a calm environment. I will inform him as soon as the baby is born though.

    I’m going to suggest that for the first 4/5 months he comes to my house on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5-7pm and spend time with him, maybe bath him and get him ready for bed, and we can review this arrangement after 4/5 months.

    I will be breastfeeding so cant be too far away at the early stages of our child’s life, and my husband has no bond with our son so I think itll take a few months at least to build that.

    Does everybody think that sounds like a fair proposal?

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    It sounds reasonable to me.

    You might want to add some way that his parents/family can meet their new grandchild/nephew.

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    I have a great relationship with my in laws and that’s something I’m going to arrange separately with them. It’s only my husband who seems to have the problem with me lol.

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