Does the housing cost element of universal credit HAVE to be paid to landlord?

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    Hello! I’ve just registered and sorry that my first post is a question instead of a introduction!!

    I’ve just been accepted for UC and they’ve included an amount for housing allowance and say I am responsible for paying it to the landlord myself.

    I want to know if they check my bank account for proof I paid it. Do they stop paying it if they can’t see regular payments to the landlord?

    Landlord lets me be flexible with my rent so I can’t show monthly lump sum rental payments on my bank statement. Does anyone know if this will be a problem?


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    I ‘ve never had to prove that I pay my rent but I did have to show an up to date tenancy contract.

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    Thanks, just that when i applied they asked to see my tenancy agreement and bank statement proving I was paying rent. So I was wondering if they’ll keep on doing this.

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    Hi. They would have asked to see your tenancy agreement to prove how much you are paying so that you get the correct amount. Once it’s awarded they won’t ask to see anything again unless your circumstances change.

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    No they don’t. You would have to request it to be paid directly to your landlord.
    Just be aware that if you did build up rent arrears and then threatened with eviction, the council wouldn’t help you at all because you’ve made yourself ‘intentionally homeless’ and they’ll see you’ve been paid enough to pay rent and ask you why you didn’t pay it towards your rent. They’ll ask you what you spent it on. Not that it matters because they told me rent comes first before anything. Two years ago I got into serious arrears because I didn’t have enough for both rent and food. To me food comes first. I had to feed my children and I was short on rent all the time.
    I got evicted because my landlord decided to sell my rented house and used the arrears as the sole reason for the eviction. He would have had to give me notice and I would have had rights if he evicted because he’s selling up.
    The council met with me and I had to show all income and outgoings. Every little thing scrutinised.
    They refused to help saying I did it to myself and I should have paid rent before anything else! I fought it and got help luckily.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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