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    So long story short…

    my husband of twelve years left me and our two children Christmas Day to pursue a relationship with another women. I had given birth three months prior to him leaving to our second child so has been a lot to deal with in such a short space of time. Sold our family home and had to find a new home and found out whilst doing so that the women he had left for was already pregnant and would have been before he left.

    they have now had there child, and my son has just turned one, along with my eldest who is four but has learning delays so is a statemented child who needs extra help.

    i feel as though I’ve literally had to accept what he’s done and that’s that. He tells me constantly that I live in self pity and should get over it. Belittles me constantly, sends the women he had an affair with to pick up our children whilst he sits in his car. I feel like I haven’t been allowed the time to heal from the hell that has happened in just 9 months.


    can someone tell me if this gets easier? It’s not so much them anymore it’s the attitude he has towards me and the utter disrespect he has for me all of a sudden.


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    It does end with time, the amount of time is dependent on you.

    I have found if I forgive them then I stop carrying the burden of there actions and it goes back to them three fold when they least expect it.(karma is a #####)

    Your a strong woman and never doubt it, learn to love your self and know its his loss.

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    Sounds awful Haylayfow.

    My situation is similar but not as bad.

    I’ve found counselling with Relate to be so helpful. It’s a place where I can have a proper release each week and I always finish the session feeling like some of the awful weight has been lifted off my shoulder.

    I find it works much better than offloading to friends or family. Perhaps something to do with having a stranger who knows what they are talking about guide you through all the emotions.

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    Single Mam

    I totally agree with Keith, it does get better and its his loss. My advise would be to distance yourself if he’s bringing you down as thats what I do with anyone that drains my battery. Life’s too short, your health is your wealth and your kids need to see you happy. Sending you massive hugs and kisses x

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