Does anyone have any experience responding to a C1a form.

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    I have an ongoing dispute with my abusive ex partner, this came to a head when he blocked her school place. And I felt I had no choice other than to submit a C100 and C1a form to the family court.

    i completed the forms, asking the court to make an order that she goes to X school, whole also residing with me (proposing every other weekend and a night in the week for dad)

    On the C1a I stayed emotional and financial abuse towards me, and a level of neglect towards DC.


    Ex has submitted a counter C100 and C1a, accusing me of all sorts of bonkers things.

    so I need to respond on the ‘response to allegations of harm’ page- my question is…I have proof that what he is saying is untrue, should I be attaching this to the form and sending it off to the court?? Or do I just deny and say I can provide evidence.

    Im leaning towards attaching the evidence as he is saying he wants me to only have supervised contact with DC, and I’m worried that the court may make an order, because obviously they have to try and protect the child!

    thanks in advance

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