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    Hi, I am feeling so incredibly lost at the moment and wondered if any others are in the same boat.

    Up until lockdown me and my little boy were used to going out a lot! we would hop on a bus/train and spend the day somewhere ,a few days a month we would have a trip to London just to get out and about.

    I don’t drive and now feel I have lost all independence, We are in a bubble with my parents but because mum is shielding it means I’m not seeing anyone else and can’t risk getting on a train etc.

    I feel like I have lost myself totally and won’t be finding myself anytime soon.

    My little boy adores his grandma and grampy and the laughter I hear from him when they are together is helping so much.

    Not sure if I’m looking for advice or just someone else to say this is my life too!

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    Yep!!! I feel ya!! Message me if u want a Chat

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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