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    showing a christian life to your kids helps alot. like the bible says “teach/show them  the way they should go so when they grow it wouldn’t depart from them”

    Do you pray with your kids in the morning or at all?


    what do you think about this?

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    It does not matter what religion you follow, or whether you follow any religion, its what is in your heart!! Showing your children what is a right and wrong!!

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    I and my kids love attending church. Its a relief.

    I returned to faith when pregnant with my eldest and we loved it. Church is a beautiful place for families, those seeking forgiveness, growth and also Salvation.

    Prayers and bible stories are cool.

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    We  pray and go to a local church  in St Johns wood

    It’s been my lifeline…


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    <b>My 4 year old boy will not sleep until we pray together. He has grown to love it. One worship song, a prayer and he sleeps. I feel soo proud of him.</b>

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