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    I’ve been divorced for 10 years.  It was an abusive marriage emotionally whilst I was in it and physically on the night I left and thereafter.

    My children were 2 and 4 when I left.  I have no family to help and their father hasnt seen the children for the last 2 1/2years.  He doesn’t pay maintenance despite working. I’ve tried every way to chase him but he plays the system very well.

    It’s been a hard slog. I dont think I’ve had a night out for 10 years. And I had to take on a job in a school for peanuts so that i get the holidays to look after the children. I’ve worked there in the office for the last 8 years. The children there are lovely, but the staff are all backstabbing each other.

    Anyway, I’m being made redundant at the end of this month.  I’m actually relieved. However, my choices are so limited if I’m to be present for my children who are still a bit wobbly following the domestic violence they witnessed after my marriage broke up.

    I’ve applied for lots of jobs but realistically it would mean lots of time away from my children by the time I add in the daily commute.

    I’m torn between taking another low paid part time job so that i can be around for them and get them through school and GCSE’S.

    Or setting up a business as a copywriter and working from home. That way, I can be flexible.

    I don’t have any clients yet. I’d simply need to find a client and then hopefully gather momentum through word of mouth etc.

    My fear is what happens whilst I’m building up the business? How do I support 3 of us without money?

    Has anybody taken this step? Are there any safety nets there for us lone parents whilst we get up and running? Are we entitled to any help or benefits?

    I’d love to hear from anybody who has taken this route. Thanks

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    I’d simply need to find a client and then hopefully gather momentum through word of mouth etc.

    It’s a lot more difficult than that. It’s not easy getting clients. My advice would be to take up that low paid job as that’s immediate cash. Run the copywriting on the side. Quit the low paid job when and only when the business has gained sufficient momentum.

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    I started my business while working in a part time job and it took 2 years to get to the point I could leave my job. That was nearly 4 years ago and I am so glad I did it. I still get a top up from benefits but less than if I worked an employed job and I no longer have to worry about childcare.

    I agree you need an income so take the low income job as it will give you the security to get a business up and running but go for it!

    Good luck x

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