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    so my oh has a bad gambling addiction in January I said if it happens again I would leave. He is currently at sea (navy)  and I’ve just gone into his bank account and found out that is has gambled £15k since feb this year. I know I need to leave him but…. the mortgage is solely in his name, I pay every bill in the house apart from the mortgage, we have two sons 5 and 18 months. Where do I stand with the house? Do I have any rights?

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    No I only have proof that I pay all the bills in the property, gas electric water council tax all in my name. But I have no documents towards the mortgage

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    Sorry but you would have no rights as it’s in your husband name.  If you have joint account go to bank and take your name off. If you in debit they will not allow you to remove your name I had Joint  account with ex and he removed his name by writing to bank.  We split 50% and the house that was ex name was sold to me.

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    Hi Holly87

    Can I ask if you married this man?

    If so, what has been said above isn’t correct

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