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    The wife took all the kids and left a month ago and is filing for divorce on grounds of unreasonable behaviour. 🙁

    I’m gobsmacked as we’ve been married 15+ years and she always seemed happy. (Even broke down to her friends a few months ago saying how she was so blessed to have such a fantastic husband!)

    She’s allowing the kids to come and see me, but they’ve emptied their rooms and it breaks my heart to see their three rooms empty – three nice double bedrooms. I’m keeping one of the rooms for when the children want to visit or if one of them wants to move back but I want to, no I need to, do something with the others. This house is simply awful, awful, awful with no kids in it.

    I’d love to find someone who’s in a similar position, perhaps a single parent with a child, to share the house (and I don’t even need to charge market rent). Any suggestions on how to go about it other than posting cards in the newsagents or taking an ad in sparerooms.co.uk?

    (I’m a 100% safe guy who loves kids, works with kids, has a full DBS.)

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    Dear Mike, If I lived close I would jump at the chance with me and my son, because we are trapped where we are.

    I can only imagine how your world have fallen apart.

    I think you should take time and over your kids a chance to redirect their bedrooms, you have to put them first and no matter their mum leaving, and emptying their bedrooms, those bedrooms are theirs, and when they come back to visit they will need that security, you changing that, may hurt them just as much as their mum taking them away.

    The only advice I can give is be as normal as you can around your kids, they will need you just as much as you need them.

    I hope this gives you a little help, if you ever need some man chat, please pm me.

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    Hi Trev, I’m afraid the kids won’t come back to stay or even sleep over. I’m keeping one room just in case one of them has an argument with the mum one day and walks out … but that’s a slim chance at best.

    They come to see me and do call and text but won’t be coming to stay (and she probably won’t let them) so I need to move on and get used to the fact that those bedrooms aren’t theirs any more. They’re fine with me renting the bedrooms and, in fact, advised me to just sell the house!

    Thanks for the offer of a chat, much appreciated.



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