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    Starting the long road to divorce, very sad as I’m a family man. A big struggle as I have a beautiful 3 yr old daughter and 2 yr old son. The ex wife to be just want it anymore. Being a hard working husband and daddy so mummy could be at home since they were born , anytime off was spent with them. It now leaves me with no social friends or no friends with children as we moved near her parents. Very difficult to meet other parents. I do make every effort though when us three are together, taking them to the coast at weekends during the summer, fun caravan holidays, going to fun events, but hard work and restrictive with one adult. I have committed to 50/50 living as I am a loving dad, and committed to my baby’s I bought into this world. How do others manage, or do you know other single parent groups. Just want a quick amicable divorce, to set up mine and the kids own home.

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    I moved home when we split, so I knew my town but few people.

    I joined the school pta, a martial arts class I could with my son. Swimming lessons for him and the local pub quiz.

    I had to push myself to go at first. It isn’t always easy when other people are in couples, but it was ok. My neighbours are lovely too.

    Good luck, you’ll be fine

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    Its admirable you just want to get it sorted and move on.  I ended up doing as near to an amicable divorce as possible and in a very similar situation to you though role reversed.  My family live a lot closer than hers and the best form of support for her have been school and other parents as she lives near to the school.  I’ve struggled in same way you describe with going from knowing couples who are mutual friends to finding yourself the odd one out between peers being in couples and having moved on from old pursuits used to do before a family.  Kathy is absolutely right, and pushing yourself to get involved in activities does pay off.  Its something I still find difficult, but it does pay off when you get past taking the initial first step.  Even better is when you can find activities both you and your child can enjoy together because as they get older they spur you on too and it provides motivation.  Climbing is the latest thing I’ve done in that respect and its good cause last time I did that was years ago back in uni and my son loves it.  You’re at the beginning of a difficult road but it does get better.  You will do great.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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