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    Hi everyone,

    I am going to start divorce proceedings and have been reading about the process.

    Am I right to think that if your agree on everything (house/payments/childcare) you can just pay the £550 to apply, sign and then never need a solicitor or go to court?


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    that’s basically what I did, although I think you’ve got to get mediation signed off as well but as you both agree that’s not a problem, then you need to apply for permission to divorce, then apply for the decree nisi and then finally 6 weeks later ally for the decree absolute.


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    Yes that’s correct. There is a company which we paid £400 and they did it all for us. It’s called quickie divorce, very happy with it all. Otherwise the forms are super easy to do and fill in yourself etc just consult a lawyer before completing to tell you which valid reason you need to use.

    The reason for my divorce was adultery but I couldn’t provide proof so we decided to say we grew apart as a couple and it worked.


    Kind regards


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    Hi all

    Sounds ideal. I’m starting proceedings Monday and it’s costing me £280 an hour for a solicitors consultation. After 17 she hooked up on a romantic scam and commited identify fraud on me and stole money from our children and I have to pay her £20000 debts and the divorce!!




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    Yes, the divorce side will only cost you £550 to the courts (it has to be approved by a judge) but this doesn’t cut the financial tie to each other. My divorce was all done in 6months but the financial side will be 2 years and has had to include a solicitor to draw up a financial court order so that the money he is getting from me buying him out of the house is all he will be allowed. otherwise he could take more.

    so far my financial court order has cost me £300 for that to be drawn up.

    £50 for the courts, it has to be signed by a judge for it to be legal and then I will have a solicitor’s charge from getting his name transferred off the deeds and into my name solely.

    so the divorce can be done, quick and simple but if you want to have all ties cut then it will cost more and take time.

    I hope that makes sense.  Happy to chat more if needed.



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    Thank you everyone!

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