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    Just received my divorce petition from my ex wife, she has made me out to be a rubbish father and husband, doing nothing around the house.

    She has taken my heart ripped it out my chest and stamped on it

    Don’t know how to proceed, can’t afford solicitor as I am currently out of work. My ex knows this only too well.

    Do I fight the petition where she has blatantly lied or been economical with the truth.

    I know she and her sister committed fraud in the last three years, do I just report her and get my own revenge on her, I know this will hurt my daughters though, which is why I haven’t pushed previously.

    I am so hurt and in pain with all this, do not know the best coarse of action to take.

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    At the moment you are reacting off your emotions, which is totally understandable and natural. I would give yourself a few days/a week before you take any action. And I say this as someone who has said/done plenty of things off the back of their emotions and regretted it later! Give yourself time to really process the situation before you make a move. Maybe talk it over with a family member or friend, that can really help too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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