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    Hi all I’m new here and could really do with some advice I’ll try to keep it at short as possible.

    So I need to start the process of getting divorced I have no idea where to start and cannot really afford to start it all

    The man I married took on my 2 children and we had another together all girls,it has now come to light that he was manipulating me through grief and grooming my two elder girls 🙁 although I hope I caught it before anything serious happened he did make some horrible sexual comments to my 15 year old he now can only have supervised contact with our child and no contact with mothers or any unsupervised contact with children at all.i know that no judge would make me stay married to this vile creature but would love some help or advise on how to do it possibly step by step because my head will honestly explode soon enough,or any advice how to help my children xx

    Thankyou x

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    I’m starting divorce proceedings too, and I have been advised to read about what terms I am divorcing on.

    I can tell you what I am doing but it may be different for you so you may need to read online a bit more about it.

    I am divorcing my husband under ‘unreasonable behaviour’ which I have to apply within 6 months of us splitting up. I have been advised to write 4 or 5 examples of this inappropriate behaviour, dates it happened and how it made me feel.

    I have also been advised that some solicitors offer a free 30min consultation which I am hopefully going to use for them to check over what I have written.

    You then can apply online and pay £500 ish. Your examples then get sent to the other person to sign and agree. If they do agree it seems like it is pretty straight forward after that and can be divorced within 6 months. But that’s if they agree.

    I have also organised separately with him things such as child payments, mortgage, etc.

    My hope is I can escape the expense of paying for a solicitor or going to court, but it all depends if everyone agrees on everything.

    Hope that is some help 🙂

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    Hi to you both.

    Be aware that depending on your financial situation you may be able to get the court fees waived.

    If both parties agree and there’s no big financial interests then it’s a fairly simple process, you can download the forms from gov.uk. but be very careful about checking the forms for mistakes before you send them.

    Good luck


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    Hi Chanetalle

    Thank you for posting on the forum.  I hope the information from the other parents will be of use to you.  I will be sending you through a personal message with some signposting options.

    Best wishes, Justine

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    Hi, i can only imagine what you have been through but i’m glad you were able to see the flags and react quickly. My divorce will be final next month. It was a bit of a long process so please prepare your mind from the start to be patient with the process because like you said no judge will expect you to stay and i totally agree. What helped in my case was forcing my ex to do things amicably (to avoid court) by gathering evidence of his unreasonable behavior and adultery. Once he heard my evidence he was willing to sign. I did everything myself without a solicitor. I went on the site https://www.gov.uk/divorce and followed the process. I didnt have to pay because i wasnt working at the time. Even if your ex doesnt cooperate it doesnt matter.  Do what you have to, follow up constantly with the courts (they deal with 1000s of cases a day) and you will get your divorce eventually. They are there to help you move on with the rest of your life. The Best revenge is to move on, be extremely happy and successful. Dont give him the satisfaction of thinking he was able to ruin your life. Stay strong through the process and do whatever it takes to get yourself and daughters free! Maybe consider filing for full custody of your children down the line also.  Whatever you decide you have a whole lot of support within the system. Domestic violence helpline 08082000247 NSPCC 08008005000 Womens aid 08082000247 Samaritans for counsel 116123 Corin for legal advice 03003305480 family law 02072516577 (Tues – Thurs 7pm-9pm Fri 12-2pm. Knowledge is your power, trust your gut and act on it always. Dont underestimate anyone, Better to be safe than sorry. ❤ praying for you.

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