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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hi.</p>
    In brief.  Myself and my husband have been seperated for 11 months.  We have 2 children together who are 6 and 8.

    They have apparently coped marvelously well with our new found situation.  They see their Daddy 4 hours a week (a combination of his availability and their choice).

    We recently have started divorce proceedings, which are not going terribly smoothly.  I believe the kids have picked up on this.

    My 6 year old daughter has become very clingy, she has made up illnesses to be sent home from school and sometimes talks about how sad it is that Mummy and Daddy don’t love each other any more.

    My 8 year old son seems more accepting of the situation but is also quite clingy and has regressed slightly in his behaviour.

    I have reassured them that nothing is changing for them.  And have even had the conversation with their Dad in the room (wasn’t the easiest or terribly effective but I tried)

    My question is…. What can I do more to reassure them?  To explain that this is ok?  It’s normal?

    Are there any recommended books?  Films?

    They have friends in a similar situation so they know they’re not alone.  However I feel they need extra support.  Can anyone offer any advice?

    Thanks in advance xxx

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    The sooner you have a parenting plan in place,showing a regular access pattern,holidays etc,the sooner your children will feel more at ease.

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    Thanks.  We have a regular pattern established.  It sometimes changes if they have a party or he has a commitment but the pattern is there.

    But I will relook at it and check if it’s consistent enough x

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