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    I’m divorcing after non-molestation and occupation orders, abusive behavior. Husband is addicted to cannabis,  self employed, but has not work at all, has nothing on his bank accounts. He has open case for unpaid child maintenance in the other country.

    What is his chance to have more than a visiting rights for our 15 months old baby? He is writing in emails about his addiction and suicidal thoughts/attempts. From the moment he left the house via occupation order he has no attempt to see the child, didn’t pay anything, didn’t ask about the child, even go to the other country.
    but he is well aware that he can apply for the finance from me because of the child – to be able to play an active role in the child’s life. So he will play the suffering father in court.



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    Hi Malina,

    Your soon to be ex-partner has biological rights as he is the father. It seems he needs help with his cannabis addiction, professional drug service, if he consents to wanting to get help. Cannabis addiction has like any drugs positive and negative side effects. One is depression, potential heart attack, forgetting things, social anxiety, irritability…

    If he is not in a good place, and his mood is unstable. It is not safe for him to be around the child. It is a safeguarding issue which the court will enforce. He could have contact via computer access (Microsoft teams/Zoom) or what’s app video. In the future, he could have supervised contact via a contact centre, or with a family/friend member.

    You can ring the gingerbread helping to speak to more professionals for advice, or the citizen’s advice bureau.

    Thanks Katherine,

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    If he was taking cannabis when you was with him and it wasnt a problem him looking after the kids then you will probably find Child protection/court are not interested. Thats been my experience anyway.

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    Cannabis intake would not be a reason as to why a parent is not allowed to see their children.  You could ask for certain conditions to be put in place like not smoking whilst the children are with him.  Given your baby is only 15 months then overnight contact will not happen at the moment as the baby is very young.  Is he getting any support for himself regarding his mental well being?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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