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    Hi I have been separated from my ex for the past 5 years. 3 years ago our daughter started to show signs of distress, at first I thought it was her feelings regarding the seperation,  but it turns out her relationship with her Dad has deteriorated.  She is frightened of him and no one seems to be listening to what she wants. I have tried everything to try and resolve things for her but nothing seems to work. Has anyone else had the same experience? Any advice greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.

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    How old is your daughter? Can she say why she is scared of her dad? My priority would be finding out what the issue is.

    Have you talked to her dad about it? What was his reaction?

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    Who is not listening?

    I agree I would try to find out why she is afraid because until you do you have no reason why she should not see her father

    When you find out and have a valid reason, you then have to put her needs first. Depending of course on what it is that’s making her scared.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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