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    Keeping it short, my child’s school have given out tickets to the Christmas play to all the children bar those who’s parents live in separate addresses.  3 children including my child (7) we’re singled put in front of the class  and told 2 days ago that that the office were yet to sort theirs out.

    I was rather angry about this and went to the office to express my disgust and say I thought this was discrimination. My child’s teacher knows who I am, we’ve meet previously, it’s either myself or my parents who take her and collect her from school. Her father is an absent parent who had inconsistent involvement and she has only ever lived with me. I have still haven’t received my ticket and I am very angry about this as I can not see the logic.

    Your thoughts on this would be appreciated. I thought of writing to the governors but don’t want to make life difficult for myself or my child. The head teacher makes herself difficult to contact and I’m not a fan of her management style.

    Any advice?


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    Who has actually got parental responsibility for this child?

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    Your daughter lives with you so the tickets should have just being sent to you. (I work in a school and that is how it should work, if the other parent requests a tick we would give one but only on request) I would advise you email the head teacher explain that your daughter lives with you you do not have shared parenting and you will expect her to bring home the tickets the following day as this has caused upset for  yourself and your daughter. If you do not get a response I would email again however cc the chair of governors into it. Always keep a paper train when dealing with school. Hope you get your tickets hun.

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    That is bonkers! Especially if he has nothing to do with the school! I involve their dad for parents evening and nativity shows but the school sends the stuff home in the book bag or via email. I’ve made it clear to the school that he does exist but has nothing in the day to day things with the kids and to go to me unless an emergency. I would recommend to talk to the lady in the office not the teacher- they are really the ones running the place and have their heads screwed on understanding situations.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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