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    Janet mcgregor

    I’m a single mother of a four year old and due to the lockdown situation I have no means of childcare.  And I don’t qualify for child care I’m classed as key worker but I cant do anything about not having anyone to look after him I’m his only dependant he also has asthma which his a worry as well .nit my manager made me feel like this was my fault and asked me personal questions too I was made to feel totally alone and worthless as she reminded me of the fact I had no one.  I was so upset close to breakdown and felt bad if I was being discriminated against for being a single mother just wondering if anyone has faced this and looking for some advice thanks

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    Janet mcgregor

    I wanted to add its stressful enough time as single parent at best of times without this to deal with

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    Hi Janet sorry to hear of your difficulties. Is your little one @nursery or school?

    If you are a key worker children should still be attending. I know what you are saying but don’t try to analyse everything that comes out of your managers mouth.

    .My boss rang me straight away and asked me if I had my childcare sorted. She didn’t contact anyone else and I said yes! Luckily everything fell into place and my child is still at school. I am working!!!

    If you work you qualify for childcare. I would suggest you get onto council website and see if you can find sympathic Childminder then ring HMRC. Our child minder is still working. Good luck x

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    Agree with the above – if a key worker you can get childcare – ring around and try not to panic. Are you in a union? If you are call them for advice. If not try citizens advice bureau.

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    Janet mcgregor

    I hit E mail S saying they have not worked on this type of key worker they are working  it in stages they are currently on phase 2 and that will be next my work has out it through as holidays for me at moment its supermarket I work in so this is classed as key worker but they have no accomodation for that type and are keeping me updated

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    Hey, I’m really sorry about your experiences. Lockdown has been awful and as usual single parents are forgotten. I hope things have got easier for you now. The discrimination towards us in the workplace seems to go on a lot. On the back of all this discrimination that goes on me and some other single parents have set up a Campaign to make single parent discrimination illegal. We are currently collecting single parents views and experiences of discrimination in this online survey. The findings are anonymous but will be used to put pressure on MPs to change things. If you have a few minutes please do complete it and I’m happy to send over links or more details on the campaign.

    Here’s the link: https://tinyurl.com/SingleParentDiscrimination






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