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    My sons father and I could not agree on where our son should go to primary school. He did not want him to go to my choice of school for religious reasons. I choose the school as it was a smaller school (our child still has bad days settling into preschool), it has won awards for pastoral care, it is the closest school to my home (he lives with me), I know 2 of the 4 teachers well and 2 of the classroom assistants, the school has said they will accommodate for our son to attend the local primary school of the opposite religion in order to carryout his holy communion etc, the 2 schools link up and complete activities together from primary 1 to primary 7, we live in the catchment area for the school bus and we met 3 of the 4 criteria for admission to the school. My sons father wanted him to go to a local integrated school. We talked and talked for weeks to make a decision. His sole reason for the integrated school (it is twice the pupil numbers to my choice of school) was because it is integrated and his sole reason why he didn’t want him to go to school I had choosen was because is was of opposite religion to his. A decision couldn’t b made right up to the closing date so I had to make the decision I felt was best for our child and put my choice down as our first choice. I put a local small school which is same religion as my sons father as second and put the integrated as 3rd choice (we only met 1 possibly 2 of the 6 criteria for the integrated school) When I said I was going to have to put my choice as first as he couldn’t give me a reason for the integrated other than religious reasons, he said if u do that we r done. Said he wouldn’t be doing anything to help me or benefit me again and would b seeing a solicitor. We are not a couple and had our son as 2 friends. We’ve known each other for nearly 15 years now.our son will b 4 in June and I have let his father come to my house every day after his work (approx 2pm) until my sons bedtime. And most of sat and sun until now as he still lives with his parents. My question is does anyone know can he do anything to stop my son going to the school is he gets a place?

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    Your child lives with you. I imagine you will be doing school run so choice of school needs to work for you.  You have at least as much right to choose as he does

    I don’t know what the legal situation is but you don’t need someone who threatens you in your life. Nor someone who would put religion before his own child’s well being.

    Let him take you to court. You can demonstrate that you acted in the child’s best interests, the best any good parent can do. x

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