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    Hi I’m John from Leeds I’m 47 years old I have Parkinsons Disease. Unfortuatley my daughters mum passed away almost 4 years ago, we were not together at the time but it was very truamatic all round. My then 6 year old came to live with me it was a massive change for both. But i suprised everyone including myself put my head and did the best i could (as i promissed her mum i would). I work full time and we are always rushing around and i feel guilty that im not spending enough time with her.


    I have been coping really well until recently, i don’t know but i think i need to sspeak to someone in a simular situation as only they would understand!

    Any replies would be really appriciated


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    Feeling guilty for working is something us single parents have to deal with all of time, I am self employed with 4 different jobs so I can try to juggle things around my son, it doesn’t always work though but he doesn’t mind as I’ve explained why I need to work so he understands, I think that’s the key, if you talk to your little lady she will find it easier to deal with.

    After all you’ve been through even the strongest of folk would find it hard so your doing a fantastic job of keeping it all together.

    You might want to think about changing your username to something other than your email address as, this is unfortunately an open forum so anyone can see it. Just click the little person at the top of the page and change it there.

    All the best


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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