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    Hi yeahitsmilo. Hope you had a lovely weekend! Yeah I love camping so I would like to do that or arange some sort of trip or weekend away somewhere nice. It’s just I don’t have a close family so the only people I talk to are my parents and they wouldn’t do anything like that with us… so I just have to get over my anxiety and go do things on my own. I think your right, it will help when my boys a bit older and will enjoy doing things. The only thing he likes to do at the moment is throw stuff and bang things or climb up me and pull my hair haha

    Hi hope and Karen. Welcome to the group chat.

    Karenspangle aww I know exactly how you feel. I get upset about having no friends. I mean is it too much to ask for people to actually care who are in our lives! Everyone actually just cut me off so no your not the only one. I think single parents can empathise and understand how we feel and we are a big group of them so your not on your own and I am here if you need to talk. I personally have found it very lonely and it left me feeling a bit lost

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    First of all I would like to say you are all amazing parents,you will have your ups and downs in life,but you all will rise above it all,it’s hard as we are going through a pandemic and we don’t know wat kind of a world we are gona live in once it’s over,But once it’s over,don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone and try new things,we have one life,let’s live it,if we can through this pandemic we can conquer the world,give yourself a pat on the back,just remember friends come and go it’s the people you least expected are the ones that becomes your friends,Stay Strong lets do this life is too short let’s live it,Remember u r all amazing you got this

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    Hi again Ghost. It’s a shame you don’t have anyone to go with at the moment but once your son is a bit older you can take him. I’m sure he will love it. Kids just seem to love anything outdoors and active it seems, haha! Trust me, it does get easier as they get older but enjoy this time now as much as you can. I know it is a cliche but they grow up so fast and you’ll miss this time at some stage.

    Jsmoove – Thanks for the positivity. I have so many things I want to try and change up as we come out of lockdown as well as the regular things I’ve been missing. I’m sure everyone feels that way right now.

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    I am a single mum of two and i was just thinking to myself that I have no friends. The “friends” that I had during marriage of 14 years are all gone- they were all his friends not mine. I can talk only to my mum, but she wants me happy. Can’t tell her how really sad I am inside that my dream of a family is gone!

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    Jsmoove- thankyou for your kind words

    Yeahitsmilo – I know he’s already growing up way too fast for my liking. I look at him and wonder where my baby has gone. He’s going to be walking soon!

    Selma- hello hope your ok. Being a single parent is hard enough, nevermind without friends to support us. Don’t worry this is how most of us feel. I am only in contact with my parents too but I can’t tell them how I feel or anything. All I want to do is be happy. And I love my boy, he makes my world so I actually don’t understand why most of the time I feel like I’m mourning the life that I wanted with the whole family thing. It’s hard, I really don’t know why I keep going back to that and I’m just not over the moon. It’s hard to get over, the life you thought you had or was going to have is no longer happening. But dont give up. Your dream of a family is not gone, its just not gone to plan with who you thought. Who knows what happens in the future. Thats what i have to keep saying. I’m here if you need anyone to talk to.

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    yes dear, i am in the same boat, have no friends to talk to and alone with the little one. Parents are in another country. lockdown has not made any diifference to my life as i left i was in lockdown from past three years. I came out of an abusive relationship and i was supposed to feel better but i just ended up more isolated as i don’t have anyone around.

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    Hi, I’m new to this group and so glad that I’m not alone. I split from my partner almost a year ago now and have found my friends have dropped off. It’s even harden during this lockdown because of being unable to go to play playgroups etc. Would love to meet single parents for social distance meet ups in the park etc if anyone is interested; or would I need to join Frolo for that?

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    Hi there, I’m so glad I found this chat. I am feeling exactly the same. I have no friends and no real close family. I mean I see them a lot but their not my favourite people. And exactly the same as some of you Lockdown didn’t change anything with no money and no friends every day is lockdown. I’m feeling it in my self esteem and my mood very much. It’s like a really boring ground hog day. There are some ways to make friends (after LD of course) like excerise classes, take a course, parent clubs or stay and plays, walking a dog. But you have to do them consitsnlty for a really long time before  you make a friend. I just don’t have money to do any of those things regularly I don’t know about you guys

    I’m really struggling with my friend-less life atm

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    Yes ! Me too , I hope it gets easier!

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    Aww im the same! It isnt a nice feeling at all!

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    Hi all. Hope your all ok. Welcome to the group. It would be nice if there was a free place in every city for single parents to go and make friends. It would be so much easier and less lonely. I’m so bored of having the same day on my own everyday

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    I’m feeling the same. My husband is now living with someone who i considered to be my friend. I confided in her and she offered him a place to stay when we split up before xmas. I have met someone else who is lovely but my ex has moved in with my friend who he never really liked when we were together. He has basically muscled in on all my friends and has excluded me. It’s pretty horrible. I’m not coping at all well at the moment. It’s like I have to start again and I’m 49 with two teenagers.

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    I am a single mum to 3 difficult teenagers, I also have 3 adult kids who have flown the nest. I brought all of the kids up alone. I live a long way from family , I don’t have any friends , can’t seem to make any , I am very lonely , it’s a tough job raising kids alone, especially now that mine are no !longer little. Corona virus has been a tough time for all of us. I am soon to become a nan, my  eldest son and partner have a baby due end of July, my first grandchild. I just get so lone!y , wish I had a friend to have a coffee and chat with

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    When I became single not one of my friends asked why or what happened. Just dropped off one by one. Became ‘busy’. It was and is heartbreaking. I find it really hard to get close to people now, or contemplate friendships. Don’t want to go through that again, feeling friends just turn away. Realising they don’t care

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    Hi. I’m with you in this one. Also completely alone as i’m from portugal and have no family or friends in the uk. Lost my job a month before the lockdown so i’ve been isolated at home for over 5 month now; while i was working i could at least see and talk to people at work. Have a free house and a job awaiting for me in portugal yet i’m stuck here unemployed, paying rent and childcare my little one is not even attending while i wait for court to give me permition to move back with little one.

    I agree it’s realy hard making friends when you are alone because you’re not going to go out alone and aproach strangers. I find myself almost asking for supermarket staff to please become my friend. It’s so depressing.

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