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    Yeahitsmilo – teething does suck! I’m not sure who it’s worse for my son or me haha I’ve actually not tried that. I’m going to Thank you for the tip.

    Hi adam79 that so good you still have friends that have been there for you, shame how having small children seems to drift some people apart with how different life is. how olds your little one? Aww I bet he was looking forward to nursery aswell. Hopefully things will start to get back to normal soon.

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    🙁 This is me too. Slowly, all my friends have moved away and got on with their lives and I’m here with my two babies feeling so alone.

    I think the corona virus has highlighted how alone I am. Before, I was too busy working and looking after the kids to notice. Suddenly feel like I can’t make a proper conversation any more. It’s comforting to know I’m not on my own. X

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    Hi Ghost

    He’s just over 2. Yeah he was loving the preschool playgroups so he’ll love nursery when he gets there. I was trying to get him a bit socialised before he actually started, so he was a bit more used to being around other children. He’s ok, just a bit boisterous and heavy handed, but I’m guessing that could be said of any boy that age. He was getting the hang of sharing and things like that, I just hope it’s not put him back too much, I’m sure it won’t.

    It has been lovely to have them yes, but again, they’ve had their kids, and you can kind of see them glaze over after a certain amount of baby talk. Which I can’t blame them for, I was very similar before I had kids if I’m honest, but now it’s basically my every waking thought!

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    Glad to come across this site , and the first thing I saw was this post , i was feeling the same lonely and depressed having no friends And not having  parents Close by either .suddenly people who I thought were friends started turning away on learning about my separation And I started to feel the problem is in me …old friends rather then turning away they should be  Helpful and understanding .Most of the people prefer to socialise with families and not single parents.I dnt know how do you find out who else around is in similar situation as yours and try becoming friends or could even socialise .

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    Everyone just disappears especially the friends which don’t have children as you no longer have anything in common.

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    I would have never thought how lonely it can get at times. You sometimes don’t feel a part of society . Many people close ones especially whine you think will support do t want to know . I am so glad my two boys keep me company . I don’t get a chance to socialise . Dating websites are all a con with half confused people. I am hoping to make friends on this site .

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    I’m also going through this. I have a 4.5yr old, who is amazing.

    I’m totally going through this, mainly feel lonely in the evenings and weekends…..Being able to work keeps me busy and in a routine Mon-Thurs and most importantly keeps me socialising in adult conversations, and financially secure (i’m just a nurse though).

    I find what helps me and my little one is having National Trust Card, going to free entry Natural History Museum and all the museums along that drag in London, and my little one in sports groups…..e.g. RugbyTots. That way we are out in fresh air, picnic, and participatory in a shared interests with other different parents.

    The worst place is the local park though, I’ve found other mums very clique, and not very friendly. That’s a hard nut to crack.

    Its a work in progress. Yes a lot of long-term ‘friends have drifted since my ex and I have separated. I ask myself…..why? But then on the other hand where they truly friends. True friend ships I’ve now discovered where unlikely people in my life. And I need to nurture those friend ships, by tending to them like a garden, not overly water them (with my tears).

    And today I’ve joined Gingerbread….so who knows where you all will take me and my son on our new adventures!

    We are in Sunny Surrey / SW London. Walk in a park anyone……

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    I should also say……complete strangers have been the most friendly. Last Summer on a whim, I packed up the car on a bank holiday and took my little one camping in Dorset….And I’m not a camper! We had a ball that weekend, found lots of people chatted away go us, my little one easily made friend, and spent a whole afternoon hunting fossils with kids onbtge beach, and I swam in the sea with other adults. So I think we (mg son and I) must just be more brave, and get out.

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    ELSC that sounds like an amazing weekend. I’m not a camper, i keep saying one day I will try glamping but I do love life’s luxuries like a nice warm bed!

    It took me 6 years to pluck up the courage to go away with my daughter, but I went all out. Having not had a holiday for probably a good 10years I decided I was making up for it and decided to go to the Caribbean. I was so nervous , but we had an amazing time. It was really hard though and I remember at times being sat by the pool with tears in my eyes because I was looking around at other families feeling incredibly lonely as I was the only single parent around.

    But I’m so glad I did it and I’m finding that as years go on, there’s more and more single parents going on hol.

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    Hi everyone sorry I’ve been a bit quiet my little one is taking up all my attention at the moment with his teething.

    I’m so glad we are all in a similar boat and are able to understand how we all feel. It does really help.

    that does sound amazing well done you both for getting out and about and going on holiday!

    I love camping! Well I used to, I’ve not been for years. And I can’t even remember the last time I went on holiday. I’m long over due! Problem is… I’m the type of person who really enjoys sharing experiences with others. I really struggle to enjoy my own company and I would end up doing something nice and just not enjoying it because I’m by myself so I stopped bothering to do nice things. Now the thought of doing anything alone makes me really anxious. And I’m the same as you mum2ateen..  I get really upset seeing other people as family’s enjoying themselves. It makes me upset that I don’t have that. But now I have my little one I really want to be able to just enjoy doing things. I’m hoping i will feel better about things like holidays etc when he’s a bit older and I can just enjoy doing things with my son then. He’s only 9 months now so he’s a bit young to enjoy doing much yet. But I can’t wait till I put him in some more groups when he can walk such as football or what ever he is into and hopefully make more friends at his groups.

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    Hi all, I’ve been a single parent for 5yrs now but the very few close friends I have all have partners. So yes it’s awful around Christmas / New Year never being invited along, although if I did go along I would probably feel a little awkward with the couples!
    Even a day out to the zoo alone for instance is nice with your little one, but I always feel I’d like a bit of adult company to chat to…! Ha

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    Hi all, I have been a single parent now for 5yrs even though I have a few close friends they are coupled with a partner. So I definitely agree it’s hard around Christmas / New Year as Mum2aTeen wrote earlier….you never do get invited. Although if I was invited I’d probably feel a bit awkward with the couples!
    Even day events like a trip to the zoo is lovely, but I feel it would be nice in a group sometimes

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    Sorry…I wrote twice…I didn’t think the first post had submitted 😆

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    Hi Ghost. I’ve not been on here much either over the weekend as I was busy too but just to reassure you it does get a bit easier as they get older. My oldest daughter is 4 and it certainly makes it easier now she can interact more independently with other children her own age. Maybe when things are back to normal you could try and arrange a mini-camping trip of sorts with any family members? I don’t know if it possible but it might be fun. Some of the best days I have with my daughters is when they get to play outside in nature.

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    Hi, thank you so much for posting this. I cried myself to sleep last night after seeing on facebook that people who I thought of as friends had an outdoor get-together, and none thought to ask me to join them, when I’m the one who has barely spoken to another adult for 3 months… so seeing this has helped me realise I’m not the only one! Maybe finding other single parents is the way forward. x


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