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    My children are 16 and 8 and I’ve been single for around 8 years. I’ve dated but nothing has ever really come of it other than disasters lol. My kids are close and they’re both protective of each other but have pretty different interests with there being an age gap!

    I never expected so many single parents would be experiencing the same kind of things … I’ve always thought it was just me!

    I’m not sure many people on here would be from my area … I’m in North East Lincolnshire. Where is everyone else?

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    I know that feeling,all my family and friends live on the other side of the world,and the people u thought were your friends,don’t want to know you unless they want something,it’s quite sad actually,especially when u have always bent over backwards for them,it’s funny how once your single your married friends don’t want to know u anymore

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    Aww that’s nice they have a good relationship tho.

    Looks like we are all in the same boat which is very comforting to be honest.

    I’m from Wolverhampton in the West Midlands.

    The gingerbread meet up group sounds like a place to start. Does it take much organising?

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    Hi I am new. I am in the same boat with extras lol never knew being single with children so lonely seems like everyone is moving on with there life and there’s me still in a rut years later thought I give this a try as not sure where else to turn especially when the world is the way it is x

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    At least we all understand each other. Sometimes it feels like a different world to what everyone else is in. I think this virus situation has just made everything seem worse aswell. I find myself sat  at home deep in thought all the time about how there’s no one else here I can have a proper conversation with, as my 8month old can only scream and say mama to me haha.

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    Yea it’s nice to chat to people who are experiencing the same things so understand. I don’t know any single parents in ‘real life’! The only real chance I have to meet/make friends is the school run but I’ve found most already have their groups of friends and, at the minute, there’s no school run for us anyway.

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    I’m new to this group but joined as I feel the same. My son ( 5) has really struggled in lock down and its started to affect me too. I put a post out yesterday to see if any of my 300+ friends might want to meet up for a picnic this weekend so he has someone to play with other then me. Not one person responded 🙁 It was a crushing realisation that we really are on our own. If anyone is SW London / Surrey and is just looking for company or a park play date let me know!

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    This seems to be a common factor amongst single parents. Post separation and divorce, I felt deserted by my friends mainly because they didn’t want to get involved in the mess caused by divorce and weren’t sure whether they could remain loyal to either of us but that’s fine. True friends stick closer in times of crisis. I’m now surrounded by “friends” who are married and they don’t seem to understand my struggles even though they show much sympathy and would like us to hang out sometimes. I love them but it’s not the same as having friends who are in the same boat as me. My daughter and I agreed yesterday that lockdown hasn’t been disadvantageous as we’ve always been on our own besides attending church.

    Hopefully, reading about your experiences would ease some of my concerns as a single parent.

    Best wishes!


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    School run, work, child care, bed, repeat – not easy to develop friends when that’s your routine, especially if, like me you were working shifts !!

    Sadly I think it’s quite common, COVID has made it even harder, and I think single dad’s struggle more TBH

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    I’ve managed to keep a few of friends but lost 80% of my social circle. Probably 50% weren’t really friends – I was just the plus 1 at footy get togethers etc. The remainder in retrospect I think just found it awkward. Then time passed.
    But then coming out the other side  of a break up it’s so hard to make friends isn’t it. As single parents you end up consumed completely by work, childcare and lack of sleep. And I find a lot of people in couples simply want couples friends. They want to share happy couples ville with like minded couples.
    Lockdown has made it harder though as now there are even less opportunities to potentially meet a new friend. But also just less things to do with kids. I used to hate soft play and now I find myself longing for the noisy chaos and terrible coffee. Funny the things you miss!
    If anyone fancies a very socially distanced online chat let me know.

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    Sorry everyone. I have a bad case of either teething or separation anxiety going on with my little one. Every time I try and reply I get distracted. Can’t seem to get anything done at the moment.

    Yeah I feel like it’s very hard to keep my little one entertained at the minute it’s taking all my energy. I feel like we have the same day everyday. It’s starting to drive me mad.

    I don’t know any single parents in real life either.

    I think couples are just in a different world to single people sometimes. It’s like they think everyone comes in twos when they go out haha.



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    Friends are overrated

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    Wow, I thought this was just me – all our friends were really my wife’s friends (she was loud and outgoing. I was the quiet and sensible one in the relationship).



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    Yeah I’m quiet too, think that’s why I have no friends now. I seem to have lost all confidence in myself and others with everything that’s gone on and having no one there to talk to

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    i feel exactly the same as this. I have a 9 year old daughter, I’m 31. I’m currently going through divorce but all of my friends are only just starting to have babies and get married. I’ve been left out of everything they do together as couples or even just the girls going out because I guess I’m “different” to them now. It’s really hurtful and lonely.

    It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one. It would be nice to chat to you more. Hope you’re ok xx


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