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    Just realising I actually have no friends and no one to share things with. Very lonely journey

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    You’re not on your own! I went through a very tough break up and watched as all my friends slowly disappeared … the only people who stuck by me and helped me were my parents, brother and nan.

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    This happened to me too, almost all my friends deserted me but on the other hand I think it’s good because that’s when I realised the true colours of  what a true friend stands for and I had only one true friend out of about 10.Never eat your heart out and you will make great true friends during this time.

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    There’s also a Frolo App for single parents which was formed by a single mum and it’s great maybe you have a look at it and you may be fortunate to find local single parents in your area

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    Thank you both for replying. I’m glad I’m not the only one. It’s a bit upsetting because I always bend over backwards for everyone and yet no one has been there for me. Everyone just slowly seemed to loose contact.

    I don’t have a close family but my parents are the only people I talk to now but I haven’t been seeing them due to them both being high risk with this virus.

    I’m not even sure how to make friends now haha.

    I keep thinking my son will have his first birthday in September and the only people that care are me and my parents. It makes me a little sad.

    Sorry that this has happened to you both aswell.

    Why do people do this, do they just not want to know people who become single parents.

    It would be so nice just to get out the house and meet up with friends on a walk. Obviouslyat a 2 meter distance these days but I have no friends and I’m struggling to enjoy my own company haha

    How are you both finding things now?

    Thankyou for the frolo app, that’s a great idea.


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    You are not alone ! Additionally my family lives in different country. So yes, it is a lonely journey.

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    I’m the same, always bend over backwards to help people out but seem to get dropped or walked all over in the process … it’s left me finding it hard to make friends and I feel out of practice to be honest about what to talk about etc. Lol. Seemed easier when I was younger, harder as an adult lol. I actually found a couple of the people I classed as friends judged me for being a single parent of 2 which wasn’t very nice.

    I found this coronavirus situation hard to start with, was constantly worrying but I’ve eased into it now. I agree that it would be nice to meet up with people other than my family members with the distancing.

    How are you finding it? How many children do you have? And how old? If you don’t mind me asking 🙂 xx

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    What I notice is people don’t invite you to social events! So where people go out for dinner or to parties, new year, on holiday etc… I am never invited where it’s the kind of event where partners go to! It really annoys me because out of anyone – it’s me that needs the company!

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    I know what you mean. Everyone just disappears especially the friends which don’t have children as you no longer have anything in common. My son is only 6 nearly 7months and my inbox is always open if you want a chat ☺️

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    I’m so so glad it’s not just me feeling this way. I started to think I was a problem.

    I have no idea how to make friends either it’s not like you can go up to someone and ask them to be your friend haha and to be totally honest it’s really left me feeling weary and anxious of people. I think I would find it hard to allow people into my life now even though it’s what I want. I feel like everything is messed up. Regarding conversation… the only thing I would have to talk about is my little one because nothing else goes on in my life.

    I’m the same with this virus. I was really anxious to begin with I didn’t want to go out or take my little one anywhere  but feeling slightly better about it now. But these are times where I wish I had a bigger family and it wasn’t just me and my boy here. I find myself mourning the life I wanted.

    I have just the one little one. My son called Leo. He’s almost 9months old. He is my world. I really wish I had more… as hard as it is haha.

    Aww How old are yours? Do they keep each other company?

    And regarding the social event thing… don’t get me started lol that was me when I had friends. And if I did make the point of going to anything, i might aswell should of stayed at home because everyone goes off into their couples and leaves you on your own anyways. I felt invisible half the time it’s very sad. Now i have no friends and just stay in alone. I get quite upset on special occasions like new years eve and Christmas etc.


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    Thank you mummy 2019. That’s very kind. Same to you. Mines only just about to go 9months. How you finding things?

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    Hi everyone just wanted to say your not alone. I was feeling rubbish also as for me lockdown dosent really change anything as I don’t have many people to visit anyway.  I’m glad you lot said it was hard to find friends also. I was thinking it was just me. Everyone seems to the way I see it have full friends lists, just like the dentist there not taking on anyone else.haha. Does everyone else miss places to go, I miss places like soft play and swimming as we could visit them and keep ourselves entertained.

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    Hi tazholls. Yeah lockdown didn’t really change much for me either. I feel like I stare at the same 4 walls all the time. But I did go out to sensory play and messy play groups for my little one, everyone there seemed to have their circle of friends already too but at least I had a purpose to go out. Now I’m sort of feeling a bit lost now they aren’t on. So I do miss those

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    Hi, Your not alone – I have been a single mother for last 6 years and my self confidence and esteem has suffered. I don’t really have any friends that I can talk to.
    can anyone recommend where I can go to socialise?

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    Hi there

    This post really highlights some of the issues facing single parents.  Don’t forget that we can help you to organise a gingerbread group in your area.  They can be a great way of making touch with other like minded people who live close to you.  Its easy to become a group volunteer.  You just need to apply, identify two people who can vouch for your character and then once complete we can help you to promote the group to all gingerbread members living near you.  Many of our gingerbread groups are meeting virtually due to corona restrictions but its still a brilliant way to challenge that loneliness that many of you express.  Here is a link that will give you more information.

    Kind regards, Justine

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