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    hi I have three boys with my ex, all

    have behabiour issues as they are in doors all the time, she won’t take them out.  I have them two days every week.

    my middle son is anxious and she has gone behind my back and had him diagnosed with autism. I don’t think he has it, I have seen forms she used as I gained copy’s from GP she has lied on the forms to make him sound worse than he is.  My son is looking more miserable and said himself he is fed up with drs .

    im worried he will not receive wrong treatment and be made worse, she encourages behaviour from him to make it look better.  Eg loud noises don’t bother him yet she got him headphones anyway to block the noise 😡.

    My new partner has a autistic son and there is no way my son is,  he is suffering anxiety but she tells

    him her friend got killed by lightning if there is a thunder storm.

    i am fuming about it what can I do to stop her ruining my son 😢

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    My little girl has autism but it is very minor and there are different types of ASD which includes asperger, adhd etc.. she copes well with loud music party, shopping trips etc…

    I don’t really know your circumstances  but they just don’t diagnose autism in 1 Day.  There are a series of people who are involved like the school, psychologist and speech therapist.  My daughter has been waiting for almost 3 years to see the NHS specialist.  I paid for a private consultant last year and my daughter starts a special needs school in September.

    If you feel that your ex has adetrimental effect on your kids you need to collect evidence and don’t tell anyone.  Once you have it then you will need it for legal reasons.

    Maybe your wife is an attention seeker or doing it for money.  It sounds like your wife is mentally ill as all kids love being outside on this weather

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    Thank you for your reply.

    i am concerned she is mentally ill but I believe there is nothing I can do about that as she just Denys everything. It gives me concern for my kids wellbeing.


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    It’ is very difficult bringing up a child with autism juggling work and home life etc. . There are so many appointments to go to

    Maybe you should start going to thes eappointments because it sounds like a waste of time and someone who really needs that appointment has to wait. Or make an appointment to see the gp about your child.

    It is sad that your children has been caught up in all this because you need to think of their bleak miserable  future and what it holds if they are  being brought up by an unstable person

    Collect evidence text message etc..Copy of appointments because your children can’t continue with this awful life

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