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    Hi my name is Roxana I am 32years old working part time job 16 hours a week I was a student my course just finished and looking for an advice from parents same situation as me.

    I separate with my father daughter,my daughter is 4 but while I ask a social worker to help me with housing she advice is best for child to give another chance for the father,he also begging me to come back for our daughter because I have moved in a private rent with my daughter and student finance was the one who help me to cope with rent and everything.

    He was begging me to give him a last chance and I did,now i know i was wrong because he settle back with us and start again becoming verbally aggressive starting to manipulate me to give him visa paper as he is pakistany and got his papers with when I refuse him he start becoming aggressive banging the furniture in front of my child.he know I m financially struggling and he doesn’t help me with anything no spending time with his daughter or even speak with me.

    I m felling around him all the time angry depressed and anxious and I ask him to leave because the contract of the house is on my name but he doesn’t want,he told me that if I was in his country he would show me what is respect but here in this country he cant do nothing feeling helpless and when is stating that I believe he would use domestic abuse but being in uk he cant because as a woman I m protected and dont know what to do. My money has finish I dont want to live with him anymore because I m feeling suffocated by his unreasonable behaviour.

    He doesn’t care if me and my daughter have something to eat,he eat alone outside he just come and sleep in this house even I sleep separately from him on a mattress on the floor.

    I m scared to involve again police and social workers because I m loving my daughter like my own eyes and dont know what to do.

    In the past I called police once he beat me.

    What shall I do???I m struggling to find a way but is like I m moving in circle.


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    Hi Roxana,

    It sounds as though your going through a very rough time but your right in thinking that your ex is not allowed to treat you this way.

    This organisation can help you:

    Women’s aid The 24hr freephone National Domestic Violence Helpline (run in partnership between Women’s Aid and Refuge) is available on 0808 2000 247 hours a day, 7 days a week. The helpline is answered by fully trained female support workers and volunteers, who will answer your call in confidence. All calls to the domestic violence helpline are free from mobiles and landlines. We can support survivors of domestic abuse, friends and families, and professionals who are in contact with domestic violence survivors.

    Hope this helps


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    Hi Roxanna87

    Thank you for making this post on the forum.  The parents here give some great support.  I will be sending you a private message with some further signposting for you.


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