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    hope someone can help.

    I have an arrears only claim with the CMS. it’s for over 16k.  My ex is a company director who owns his own house.  He currently has a deduction of earnings order and  is always missing payments.  In April the CMS stated that he had to increase his payments from less than £30pm to £75pm starting May. However I’m still only receiving the less amount.  At the lesser amount it will take over 47 years to clear the arrears. The CMS say they will speak to his accounts department to see why they aren’t paying at the correct amount.  Every time I chase them to see what the accounts have said I’m told they either couldn’t get in touch with them or there’s no notes to say if they have tried to contact them or not.  the CMS have also said that his employers don’t actually have to disclose reasons why they aren’t paying correct amount.

    What can i do here ?  Is it possible to take him to a small claims court even though i am receiving some payments from him?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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