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    So I feel this is long for me. I split with my partner 4 months ago and feel I am going through complete hell and now don’t know what to do. During our 3-4 year relationship he would make me feel bad for things I shouldn’t of get bad about he would manipulate every situation he possibly could just to get that reaction out of me. But since we have split he’s got so much worse, we have a son together and he had took on the role for my daughter as her dad but now we have split he only sees my son. There’s been moments he’s told me he’s not bringing my son back as well but now I’m doing everything through a lawyer I slightly don’t have that worry anymore. But I live in fear what is the next thing he’ll say to me so I’ve had to block him but feel he manages a way to get to me. He knows I suffer from mental health problems and always slaps that in my face. I lost my daughters dad to suicide 5 years ago and although I didn’t know my ex then he says no wonder my ex killed himself with the way I am. I just need advice where I go from here, he told me he was away working for our sons 3rd birthday for me to be told he was away with his new girlfriend. I have offered him more than everything with our son but cannot deal with anymore abuse.

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    Hi Nic,

    Well done for getting out. With someone like that, just finding the energy to leave is hard enough.

    I know it’s tough but don’t listen to his views on your ex or anything else. He’s just showing what a lowlife he is. His opinion counts for absolutely nothing. You’re worth 20 of him.

    He wants to upset you, to maintain his control, so don’t react, don’t rise, don’t give him the satisfaction. Do “Grey Rock” on him.

    Why care if he lies to you, it doesn’t matter any more. He is someone else’s problem. You are FREE to build a happy life for you & your kids.

    Treat yourself to something lovely this weekend, even if it’s just icecreams in the park. 💐

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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