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    I am a single mum of three (3,8,11) and  have been a single mum since the first lockdown. I work full time in a pretty demanding job and I keep getting really close to burn out. It’s that constant feeling of feeling frazzled.

    My kids’ dad, the ex, chooses to have the kids for two hours in the week and overnight from 8pm until the following lunch time on a Saturday night and I don’t feel like I’m getting a break ever.

    Of course I love my kids and I’m doing this job for them but I keep finding myself feeling utterly frazzled and struggling to keep on top of anything, and my own mental health is suffering and the kids don’t really get fun time with me because I’m just so stressed all the time.

    How do single parents cope? I feel like I’m misisng something that could help me manage (and that’s not more support from the ex, I have tried and he’s not willing to be any more involved than he is)

    TIA for any advice.

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    Sorry I can’t offer any advice because I’m new to all this, 6 weeks in with 2 children but I feel your exhaustion already.

    I’ve been told to make the most of the little time I don’t have with the kids (one day a week at the weekends, no overnight break) and catchup on sleep and quiet time to myself whenever possible.

    Could you take a day or two off work and just dedicate that time to being on your own, doing what you like, a hobby you don’t normally get time for, watching TV, sleeping etc while the kids are at school? Or maybe you could do with time away from the house when the kids are with their Dad / your ex, meeting up with a friend who you know will make you laugh and make sure you have some fun time away from thinking and dealing with some of the challenges going on?

    Hope it gets better soon x

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    Andrew uk

    Hi. Message me if you want. Can you move the time when he takes them earlier? Then you have more time for you.

    Box-set, walking, nice bath, pamper time, kitchen dancing?

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