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    Thanks Minestrone, I have reached out for therapy. I have an appointment on the 6th april ❤️

    Hi Katherine,

    thank you for your kind words. Everything you have said is so true and realy relates to my situation. He does have major issues but unfortunately he isnt willing to accept them and seek help. I on the otherhand, although I am not crazy, have reached out for help. I want to be the best parent I can be and teach my children how to treat people properly and how they should be treated to. I will never let him back into my life other than to be a father to my children.

    thanks again xx

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    I’ve noticed over and over again ,it’s the neuro-typical(sane,normal) one who ends up going for therapy! The ones who really need it and would do the world a favour by getting help refuse as they think they are normal…..just the rest of the world is crazy🙂

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    It’s just so unfair 😢 I feel I need this help just to reassure me i’m not the one with the issues and for a way to cope with the anxiety that he causes. I’m back at work this week for the first time in months as i’ve been furloughed. I asked him to drop the kids off rather than me pick them up after a long 12 hour shift, he kicked off and threatened to not bring them back at all because thats not me doing ‘50/50’ share of parenting. I just cannot deal with this mental torture anymore, how do I put up with that for the next 16 years…?

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    Sorry to hear that you are going through this, I suffered abuse at the hands of my partner (physical & emotional/mental) ended up packing a bag and fleeing to a women’s refuge. Best move I ever made as he  onwasn’t allowed to know where we were they had a solicitor that came in once a week to  give advice & help get any orders in place or help with name changes etc. Also had counselling sessions once a week in there and they helped me with the council of my choice to get rehoused. So a fresh start was exactly what we needed and although it doesn’t feel like it right now you can & will get through this, you’ve done it before & you Can do it again just take one day at a time and good luck & a big hug from me xx

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    Thank you Flynny2 ❤️ I can’t wait to start counselling. I did it when I suffered post natal depression and it really helped so hopefully it will help now. It’s so hard dealing with someone with his type of personality. One minute he’s nice and civil then the next he is pure evil! I’m exhausted from it all xx

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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