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    Hi all… I was on the old forums but haven’t logged in for a while so haven’t seen any responses etc to my previous post/topic….

    I am a single mum of a beautiful 6yr old daughter, work full time and I also started a diploma before my separation. This leaves me very little time to juggle everything and do a half decent job at doing it all. I struggle with the isolation too that being a single parent can bring….I don’t have a local support network of friends and family.

    Anyone feel the same? How do you deal with juggling everything yourself and finding the time for you, your child/ren, and keeping the home/work….

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    Hi there , I can completely relate to this feeling . Having been a single Mum to my first daughter who is now 22 , I now find myself in single parent role again with my second daughter who is 6 .

    I am working three part time jobs  but feel that no matter how hard I try I cannot get ahead . Like the outgoings on every level exceed my capacity to supply. This is understandable of course as I am only human . I can kind of manage the work load ok but it’s the isolation and total lack of recognition for how hard it is that upsets me .  I would really find it all so much easier if there was some aknowledgent and validation culturally , financially and on occasion personally with words of recognition from the other parent .

    Having been here before I do know for a fact that the isolation part eases up as the child matures and a social life becomes possible again without yet more juggling .

    I realise that I haven’t exactly answered your question but I wanted to acknowledge all that you say in your post .

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    It’s such a struggle. When it all goes to plan and I see how well my daughter is doing despite my struggles etc I feel really rewarded and proud. Just is so so hard though!

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