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    Hi, I am new to all this and I am seeking any advice please.

    I have a ten year old son, his mother has been drinking for, I believe, 5 to 6 years and has been in total denial. I have witnessed he drinking and driving and I know she’s been doing this with our son in the car. Last summer, she had a seizure and ended up in hospital for 7 weeks. Since being discharged she attended group therapy sessions but I was never convicted she had given up the drinking. We spent Christmas apart. Since new year, I have been convinced that she has started a new relationship with another recovering alcoholic. Also, since new year, she has experienced at least two relapses and apparent “attacks” whereby someone tried to grab her mobile phone, one resulting is facial bruising and another hospital visit recently.

    As a result of this I have gone to court and had a habitation order served, she is now apparently living at this guy’s house. There are now accusations of violence towards her, via social services. I would never do such a thing and, on the date she alleges, there is a cast iron witness. I am now being being blamed for everything and find myself in a very dark situation. I have also been made redundant recently and have long term financial concerns. We are both liable for the mortgage and I am now left on my own to try to find work and a method of paying all the bills. While I have some time to do so, the window of opportunity will close gradually. I have been offered work and this requires a 200 mile relocation, taking my son with me and getting him to a education locally. He’s about to transition from primary to secondary schools so timing is reasonable. Doing this will also provide an off the shelf support network of family and friends.

    With the current virus challenges, it feels almost impossible to get anything done. My lawyer has said to make a plan and to execute it when possible but I may have to go to court to push for an order to sell the house. Since  this all unfolded, various people, other parents, have stepped forward to say that they had witnessed her smelling of alcohol at the school gates and likely driving as well. She was also breathalyzed at work last May and found to be over the legal limit to drive.

    So, it’s a bit of a mess and I’d appreciate any advice that anyone can provide please. It’s been a very traumatic time, a lot of arguing in the past and an uphill battle ahead.

    Thanks for reading.




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