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    So my separation is quite new, my LO is almost 3. We left end of October last year

    The first 3 weeks he didn’t ask to see her or after her.  Then my Non Molestation order and occupation order was granted.   He was offered supervised access for safeguarding reasons.  He’s had 3 sessions, over 6 weeks which he attended with his mother.  He should have had another last week, never made arrangement with centre and hasn’t indicated or responded to any request to agree formalise access from my solicitor, he’s got rid of his solicitor so didn’t petition the court for access or dispute prohibitive steps order.

    LO was protected from most of his abusive behaviour during the marriage, it was aimed at me and her half brother, so she trusts and asks for him…. Supervised contact is the only safe option for now, no his mother is not a suitable chaperone.

    I suppose I am asking how I best handle explaining to a 3yr old why Daddy not seen her and while I believe every child should have a relationship with their father, it must be safe, do I push this or just let him slope of… hes also failed to make payments towards her up keep this month?



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