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    My daughter is six years old and lives with me.
    Her father left when she was a few weeks old and has always been inconsistent; cancelling last minute visits and asking me to pick her up earlier than agreed. I know he lies about ‘work commitments’ getting in the way of spending time with her when really he has gone out with friends, or even abroad with his new partner.

    He does have PR and does pay (Mostly) but has always made things hard for me and has threatened me in years previous.
    he and his new partner are moving into a new house after lockdown and he has now told me he will be expecting overnights.
    He has never had her overnight, when she has been with him previously After a few hours she has come home hungry, thirsty and grumpy. I have always provided her lunch and dropped her off and picked her up.
    During lockdown he hasn’t seen her much, two week gaps in even a just a text or phone call.

    I feel panicked, he doesn’t know my daughter like I do and he is manipulative and a liar (I once found out he lied about her having a brain injury and bronchitis to have time off work).
    Although I maintain civil conversation I deeply dislike him and don’t want my daughter to have increased visits but she thinks he is fun as she is always given sweets when she goes to see him.

    Can anyone offer any advice, or does anyone have similar experiences as to how they coped. I fear she will have to stay with him to avoid a court order but I hate the thought of it 🙁

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    It’s hard I think. My view is that the fact he’s with someone else is positive; I can’t see her allowing your daughter to be poorly treated – as in watching her dad potentially not take great care of her. It would make him look bad in front of her.

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