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    Hello ,

    this is my first post in here though I have been a single parent for 4 years. My daughter seems to be having a lot of relationship problems at school … she is 8 years old and is very sensitive… funny and cheeky and can be very argumentative at times …. her friend group are bossy and extremely confident and intelligent.My daughter is very bright but not as intelligent as her friends who are about 10 months older than her anyway . Though I feel she isn’t giving her full potential at school because of lack of confidence.

    Anyway I have found out she hasn’t been invited to one of her best friends birthday party …. this is after Christmas… she doesn’t know yet … I have found out through a parent ….. now I don’t really like this child … I have always found her to be very rude … and a show off and very bossy towards my daughter …. so for me I would encourage her to have other friends … my daughter is popular with both girls and boys … and I have found her female friends don’t like that . However saying that if my daughter likes this girl I am worried for her .. how this rejection will affect her …. and how this may affect her confidence at school as they are in the same class . My daughter is an only child and is learning about sharing etc …. but also she told me a few weeks ago she felt very lonely and was crying saying she argues with her friends all the time … mainly I think because they want her to be “it” all the time when they play tig …. when she doesn’t want to be . I have told her to tell them and she says she does but they don’t listen to her and if she doesn’t they won’t play with her .

    Any  advice please ? I hate the thought of my daughter being left out but at the same time …. I want my daughter to have the confidence to stand up to her friends and not become a follower like I was as a child . Many thanks xxx

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