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    My daughter is leaving her abusive partner with whom she had had 3 children, all under 2 years old.  We want to her to rent from a private landlord (near where we live) as the local authority has no spare accommodation at the moment. Many of the letting agents round where we live say ‘No Housing Benefit Recipients’ etc etc so my question is this: If I take a tenancy out in my name and make it clear that my daughter and her children will be living there would the housing benefit still get paid to her (so my daughter can then pay it over to me)? Or, would the benefits people refuse on the grounds that as I rent the house my daughter is not entitled to the benefit?

    Please let me have your thoughts. Thanks.


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    If this is a letting with a private landlord through the letting agency, I think that you have to provide a copy of your agreement/lease.

    The lease will be in your name not your daughter’s. I don’t believe that she’d be able to claim unless you are acting as a guarantor. Then if she doesn’t pay, they come after you for payment

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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