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    Hi All, not sure anyone else is in my situation but would love some advice how to deal with this x

    i left my daughters dad when she was 6 at the time I had 17 years of violence from him I left with two bags and never went back, I left him the family home and agreed a figure for me to buy something new, my mum helped me get back on my feet at the time why the ex come and went in his daughters life.

    roll on 6 years daughter now 12 and it’s no better I have met my lovely husband and started a new life together however daughters dad is causing me such upset he has a new women who is soon to move into the family home we once owned, I received a call from him two weeks ago asking if I would agree for him to take our daughter on holiday in this country soon which I said long as was safe yes that would be fine, every night for two weeks he has called our daughter telling her what they are going to do and how much fun they all going to have let me add he has never taken her away, last night he calls and says I’m just checking your coming with as I’m going to book !

    this morning I receive a call we have a problem if I book and the government change the rules I will lose my booking and the money I paid, I got angry with him and said why invite child if your always letting her down.


    decided to call the holiday company to check turns out it’s booked already in his name and only for two people 🙁 daughter does not know this being a mum I want to protect her but I told him what I had found out for him to say you don’t know where we going ! But daughter got pictures week earlier.


    daughter is so upset she had told the family she was going and all her friends and yet again he lets her down, no real explanation just ignoring contact


    has anyone had this happen ? Can anyone help me advise me how to handle him ? It’s Father’s Day Sunday and daughter doesn’t want to see him ?

    please help and sorry to message

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