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    I hope everyone is well.

    Time has flown by so quickly and much later than I had hoped I am looking at dating. I haven’t done it earlier because I have just been too busy and exhausted!!

    The only problem I have is I feel like I have done nothing in the past 5 years other than work and look after the kids and I haven’t really pursued any of my own interests properly in 10 years (pre kids). For hobbies and interests all I have is ‘surviving’.
    Any tips on how I come across interesting without giving my life story of all my woes!
    I want to meet someone I can have a laugh with, I will mention I have kids but that’s it, don’t want my dating profile about that other than an FYI.
    I do watch TV, read and go for drinks with friends but pre kids I loved to travel and was quite active and I want to do more of those things (although my fitness levels reflect the couch potato I have become!)

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


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    Hi, I can’t give you any advice but I can totally agree with you and your current state.

    I too have focused all my attentions on the kids, work or keeping the house in some state of clean.

    I’ve got to the point where I don’t even know how to have a conversation with my friends that doesn’t involve talking about the kids 🙂

    Perhaps when Covid is over you could think about joining some type of gym or sports club (meet new people and improve your fitness level) doing some form of activity automatically makes you feel better about yourself.

    When you find the clues on how to meet someone or even just on how to get back into the world, can you let me know 😉

    Happy to chat anytime

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    Just be honest on your dating profile,there is a lot of fake people on there,which ruins it for the genuine people that are actually looking to date,I find it hard work because when you mention u have kids it makes it harder for the males as women presume you have no time for them but then again it works both ways,but I did make a really good friend with one women due to distance so that’s a bonus

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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