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    At this time, I’m completely tired of giving and losing so much, I want someone that will take good care of me in every aspect because I have been giving and I keep getting hurt as payback.  Added with, I have two young teenagers of my own so I shouldn’t even have time at all for her but I will give her as much as I can but still it’s not enough, she tells me I’m not making no effort and insists I am always busy to the point of not being able to respond to a single text.


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    I think anyone who gets in a strop if their text isn’t answered immediately is pretty self centred and not worth the bother. It suggests you should be sitting there waiting to answer her texts.

    i think I’d find someone who is more fun and less welded to her mobile phone.😊

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    Exactly!!!! You get it and you’re a female like her but I understand how we all don’t think alike. Anyway, I try to look for someone else that is not too welded into their cell but all I found were desperate, fake or less attractive people or less sincere people and even though I am pretty much old school, I try to get a little modern. I admire honesty, integrity and sincerity in a person but these days it’s hard to trust and at the same time hard to receive trust. I miss a time when we humans were one with our words and disgrace to your word is same as disgrace to your, yourself…

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    I’m guessing she’s not a parent, so maybe she doesn’t know how much work is involved.

    Have you tried explaining that texting isn’t your thing and if something is urgent, she should ring & speak to you. Can you set specific evenings/weekends  when your teens are with your ex, and she gets your attention?

    Not sure about expecting someone to “take care of you” though <span style=”color: #1a1919; font-family: Lato, sans-serif; font-size: 12px;”>😊 </span>

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    I did explain that I was not so into text and she said the same but the most annoying thing is that the mother of my kids died years ago so it’s all been me.

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    This dating lark is hard. I have been trying to find someone after my husband died and I thought I had met someone twice but the last one wouldn’t accept that I had to do things with my children and I couldn’t do things at the drop of the hat. I have been on a dating website recently and oh my what a waste of time. I had one guy turn funny because I couldn’t text all the time. I truly hope that there will be someone out there for us all. Hope you find happiness.

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    You are right Mum02! I have tried the dating sites as well and oh my!! What a waste of time they are. It’s either you get a crazy person or you get catfished. Well there is someone for us all, the only problem is finding that person. I don’t get why people throw tantrums like kids when you are preoccupied and unable to text at that moment.

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    I joined to get my confidence back and I met 2 unstable weirdos online. Thankfully I never met them and I don’t know what I was thinking when I joined this site.

    Saying that I know people who have settled down with partners online and are truly happy.

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    I am so sorry to hear the mother of your children passed away!:(

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    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to say dating is hard, regardless of whether its online or otherwise. It’s even harder when you have trust issues – in my case I was in an abusive relationship.

    I wanted to give you all some positive hope that you can meet the right person, given time. I have two young children; a six year old and a teenager. I met my current partner online and we’ve been together for 18 months, with views to being together in a more permanent way.

    He is patient with my kids, doesn’t impose himself on us, and everything is very relaxed. He has older kids himself, so although a hands on Dad, his role is somewhat less full time as his kids are pretty independent now.

    I found going online and leaving myself vulnerable to hurt extremely hard, and I waited two years before getting the courage.

    No one should make you feel bad about putting your kids first. If they are right for you, they will understand you shouldn’t be forced to choose. The same with not being able to answer texts immediately. The issues are with them, not you!

    Good luck and remember, never put yourself second! You deserve the best.



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    Hi All.

    Couldn’t agree more!! I’ve been trying to dip my toes back in but some just don’t get it and all they want to do is send a pic of certain bits!! or want all of my time, I have a 3 and half year old son, who lives with me. so time on my own is at a premium. I’ve also turned to dating sites as I have no idea how to meet someone other than that :).

    I’ve got to believe that I will met someone as I don’t want to be alone forever.


    fingers crossed for us all.

    Lou x


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