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    I was dating a single mum I knew from the area. I have a ten year old son and her boy is nearly nine. We’d been seeing each other for nearly 4 years and split up today. I wanted more connection and to build a life together with our boys whereas she wanted us to be more separate and to keep our distance.

    It’s hard when you’re dating as a single parent. I look after my son all the time and have limited access to childcare. My son has high functioning autism and severe food allergies. He sees his mum most weeks for a few hours but she is from another culture and is very dismissive of our son’s needs, thinking allergies are somehow not an issue.

    My break up is still very raw, but I wonder if it will ever be possible to date looking forward given I’m with my son nearly all the time and he’s very possessive of me. Do I have to wait until he’s 18?

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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