Dads took soon after 4 months. Parents won’t allow him back.

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    Hi , not sure if I’m massively in the wrong here or where to go to be honest. My son is 2 years old his dad hasn’t seen him since end of February including missing his 2nd birthday. I live with my parents who are disabled , my dad is terminally ill and at home on end of life care. Ive done my best since lockdown started to keep my parents safe, up until today. At the start of the week the dog bit my son in the face resulting in use rushing up the hospital luckily he is ok. But obviously his dad was very upset and angry that nothing was being done about the dog. We have shared responsibility so he said he wants him to be safe and at his. I agreed as it’s only fair seeing as he is at risk here, my parents refuse to acknowledge the dogs behaviour and guilt was placed on me as my dads dying. Now my mom is calling me all kinds of cruel and horrible as they are saying he can’t come back now to the house and so my dad won’t get to say goodbye. My issue with this is that they’ve been having loads of people round , friends and nurses aswell as going to shops. So how can they refuse their grandson (who I could potentially isolate from them anyway) I’m deveststed I don’t know what to do , if I go to visit my son now I won’t be able to come back either and then I’ll basically be homeless. It’s difficult stopping at his dads as he lives with all his family and his girlfriend and this could go on for months! Thanks for reading this far.

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