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    Hi there,

    Currently on last stages of Divorce and should all be finalised soon my decision as my wife committed adultery.

    As a father I want to see as much of my son as possible but unfortunately I work shifts 6-2 One week and 2-10 the next rotating.

    September 2020 my son will be 4 and starts school ! So the Monday – Friday will be spent at school 850 – 1505.

    Just wondered if you have any suggestions so I can see my son as much as possible put something forward at work flexible shifts with a 11 hour break or something and be balanced 50/50 with ex wife as we are good parents ? I have to say I miss the sleep overs and only get these every other weekend due to shifts. Hopefully if you can help I can change the below and have an amazing relationship with my son when he starts school.<br style=”box-sizing: inherit;” />Any help or advice appreciated x god bless

    Currently I see my son

    6-2 shift Monday – after work 230-630 drop off at his mothers

    6-2 shift Wednesday 430 – 630 have tea with him drop off at his mums

    6-2 shift Friday 430 pick up and then with me daddy the weekend.

    Sat – Sun following week of 6-2 with daddy.

    Shift 2-10 Monday with Grandparents and daddy mum picks up at 6

    shift 2-10 Wednesday mum drops off at daddy’s 730am spend morning with him drop off at nursery / preschool at 1pm

    Thursday – Friday – Saturday – Sunday are spent at preschool and with mother.

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    I’ve separated with my partner and he also does shiftwork but it changes every week so no real pattern and it is really tricky to feel or get organised and can get very frustrating.

    Its now been 8 months and i think the trick is to both be 100% flexible.  My partner has our daughter every other weekend but this does change.  He also has her for holidays 3 weeks of the year and picks her up from school 2 times a week. I have to make a 1 hour detour after work to collect her but again that’s ok as she gets time with her dad.

    I would love to be able to have handovers on certain days but you have to look at the positives, if i get poorly i can call him and he’ll take over and vice versa.

      <li style=”text-align: left;”>I feel that this works, although there are  frustrations, the most important thing is for the kids to know that you love them and will always be there for them whatever hours you can have them, just have to do the best you can.

    Also, does your shift pattern allow you time to yourself, i think that’s important too.

    You’ll get there, good luck












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