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    Hi first time on this forum. I’m seperating with my partner and looking for some housing advice. We not sure the best thing to do and don’t talk about it much. So both can’t buy each other out and so we have a few options. We sell up and she can hopefully get a private let and I could try and buy something or have to rent or she gets a private let and I stay in the house. I would love to be able to leave the home and let her stay in it but I wouldn’t be able to buy or set up a house without the money from a sale. So some advice would be helpful. Thanks

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    Hi thanks for the response. Yes we have children. She would not be able to take the mortgage on on her own. Both of us can’t afford to buy the other out. Not sure how we are going to do this…but thanks for the advice

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    Hi Saddad

    Thank you for posting on our forum.  It sounds like you are looking for some clarity.  I am including here a link to our page about housing.  This includes some signposting to some agencies which may be useful for you.

    I hope this helps and take care, Justine



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    Hi Saddad,

    the only other advice is if you can do things amicably and co-parent as a team, it can work out a lot less expensive.

    Can you choose to live near to each other, which will cut down on travelling costs, holiday clubs and babysitters. If you work together you won’t need clothes & things at each house.

    It can cut £00s off the costs each month and it’s better for the children.


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    I do hope we can keep it amicable.

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