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    I’m new here and please excuse me if this topic has already been created.


    I have a son who’s now 7. I found out about this pregnancy a day after we split up the BD and who was On and off excited but really never truly interested in him and since pregnancy I was a single mother.
    All was ok until just under a year ago where my son started questioning about his father. He’s going to a school which is in a very ‘good’ area and other children have ‘perfect’ families with mum and dad so my son feels his family isn’t normal. Suppose it doesn’t help that his two older half brothers see their dad regularly either.

    My reason for putting this out here is to see how many are in the same situation as me and how you are dealing with it? How are you encouraging your boys (or girls) without saying bad things about their biological dad. are there any support groups for parents of and kids with absent dads (or mums)?
    My son is really sensitive and a very deep thinker which doesn’t help in the circumstances and understanding the severity of this situation I understand the importance of what I do and say now..

    Thank you to everyone for reading and your contributions.

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    I’d be really interested to hear how others deal with this as well.
    May child is 3 and hasn’t seen her dad for over 18months, she sees other members of his family on a regular basis and questions about dad started about 6 months ago, which I wasn’t prepared for.
    I am as honest as I can be with a 3 year old so she knows his name and that she has an older sister. Another child he has no contact with.
    It’s a real minefield, she knows she’s different at nursery and tells people her dad is called *** , I wasn’t expecting at 2-3 that she’d try and fit it.

    i hope someone has some advice for you


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