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    I am at the end of my tether, 2 DS age 10 & 11. Been separated for 3 years. Dad kept the family home. When we left he said he only wants to see the children every other weekend and refused to have them overnight so would have them every other Saturday during the day then Sunday. 1 DS has ADHD (still awaiting official diagnosis) and other has suffered with anger issues since the split, resulting in him physically abusing me. (Not any more) when he was it got too much and I took him to his dads for support, he ended up keeping them and refusing to let me have access. After police and social services involved I got the boys back and we went to court for access. He only wanted to have them every others Saturday at 8.15am to Sunday at 6pm nothing more despite me saying that the boys wants more access. Then came ski season and every year he messes around with the weekends so he can fit in 3 ski holidays. Last year I agreed and suggested that I get a week away. He agreed to 4 nights so I booked a break only for him to pull out 2 weeks before. He now has told me he is not having the boys for a weekend in jan and a weekend in March because he is away. I don’t get a break, I have no family really. Can he do this when the here is a court order in place? It’s not fair on the children or me.

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    Hi, My ex wife used to go against the order on a regular basis. Late, or no shows, or last min cancels..

    It’s very tough and draining, especially if you say you dont have much family support.

    My ex never got in trouble for the no shows etc, even when we went to court, the judge didnt cover any of this at all, i had it all documented with dates and times and it was never used.

    The only positive I can give you, is that a parent who lets the kids down…well they dont change their habits that often. In my case anyway, and when your kids are older, they will see what you have done for them.

    The answer is “he should not go against the order” but not much will happen if he does.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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