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    daughters father, not been involved since birth, (now almost 3 and a half) minimal maintenance paid <£15 in 2018 and <£25 in 2017. He applied to court for a declaration of non parentage, I offered to half fund DNA test, he is the father, in court last week, he blurted out he wants full custody. Issues in the waiting area meant I was classed as a vulnerable witness,

    hes now written to me, via my c/o address, (home address withheld, due to welfare concerns) demanding info to prepare his custody case, including ‘where his daughter is KEPT’. Not asking for contact, full custody.

    In pieces, not had a full nights sleep since July when the first directions hearing was. Has anyone had similar experiences?

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    Thank you Anonymous, I do hope so, but as my experience of family court is the 2 declaration of non parentage hearings, really don’t know what to expect.

    He doesn’t have pr as yet, he has never had any contact, despite being offered it from birth,  awaiting court order from 6/9 and then I believe daughters birth will be re-registered and pr will automatically invoke.

    His letter states “now that I have established that I am the father of (daughter) I’m preparing my case for the court to gain full custody of her” (he didn’t establish that he was the father, he applied for a declaration of non parentage, the dna test established it)

    he asked for the name and address of my solicitor or if I will be representing myself?

    The address where (daughter) is been kept. ( :-0)

    the name and address of the social services contact. (I’m type 1 diabetic, had a hypoglycaemic episode when daughter was 4 months old, police thought I was drunk (wasn’t) had a visit from social Services and no further action. Police were informed and a medical marker is now on my address and name, so they’re aware in future if any further episodes occur that medical intervention is needed.)

    my lg is starting school the week after next, school are aware of the situation and the head has a copy of current birth certificate and has said him having no pr Is what their actions will be based on, unless he can prove otherwise.


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    Whilst in court I asked if he would relinquish pr? Was told that couldn’t be done during that hearing?

    yes I have hard copies of texts offering contact, and his replies that he was too busy, was playing golf, was away. I also have screenshots of his conversations with someone, where he said he hates my lg and another saying he’s going to keep her and claim maintenance from me.

    yes he has another wife now, who according to another screenshot ‘can’t wait to meet her ‘

    there was intimidation at court, not initiated by him, but by the lady with him, Had there not been cctv in court I would have honestly thought I was going to be thumped. As there was cctv, it was restricted to glares and the showing of teeth. Which was immature and wholly unnecessary.


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