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    Want to see if I’m dismissing or over reacting.
    I and my Ex were together for 11 years, I and he are not religious but took part in celebrating each other religious celebration, I always embraced Christmas/Easter for his 2 children and did the same for our child (now 6). We did meals for my religious events, when our son was born, we did present and family days.

    since we split in 2019, I have fully allowed my son to continue in both Eid & Christmas/Easter  festivals, full on Christmas even though I don’t follow Christianity ( not many do I guess but it’s become our normal).

    last week was Eid, I don’t expect my Ex to think  of me, but am I wrong to think he should be aware and acknowledge my sons other 1/2 of his life. He didn’t call to speak to him. I got a message saying happy eid to you and your family. Picked him up this morning whist I was putting his Eid present up and nothing. No hey son did you have a great festival.

    I want to be angry, feel like I should back off the Christmas festives(whist will make it hard for Ex as he like the fact I do the build up, days out, Santa visit(zoom call, last year), present, so he doesn’t have to do much). And use that money to fully embrace my heritage or background.

    am I over thinking?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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