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    I have recently separated  {2 months }when my wife left me taking our 5 Children, we just cant get on together and she has now claimed for CSA which amounts to £727 ( i gave her money etc for the last month £500 and i still pay for the family car  on finance, tax ins etc £400 } but now she is saying i cant have the children to stay overnight, up this time i have had them every weekend  for one or two nights and for tea one or two nights in the week always ensuring they were fed bathed and back at a reasonable time for bed . Now the CSA are saying they will not listen to my side of the story even though i have evidence of them staying and the week night visits etc {text messages between myself and ex} What makes it worse is she is staying at her parents house where 3 of the children are sleeping on the floor, i have offered her the house we shared {rented} but she says she does not like it there as the landlord will not accept DSS, to make matters worse i have just found out that she and her parents  left the 5 children eldest 12 youngest 4 alone at night locked in whilst they went to see a tribute band at a local pub they could have stayed with me overnight if needs be, My ex is normally a really great mother to them but her mother is feeding her lies by saying she will get more CSA if she does not let them have overnight visits, the children love spending time with me and keep asking when they can come and stay over dont feel like i have the heart to tell them their mum wont let them stay as i dont want them to see her in a bad light

    Frustrated and upset


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    Hi Andy86

    I will be sending you a private message with some further signposting options.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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