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    My ex has 2 children to a ex wife and for the past 18 years has paid the same amount to her via a private family agreement made in court when they divorced.


    I seperated from him in December 20 and went through CSA two week ago. They came back with a calculation this evening which was low considering what he earns.

    The question is can i appeal as it seems CSA have worked it out as if he is paying his ex via CSA which he is not.

    He earns 55000 a year.

    I get 250 each month.

    He pays his ex 300 a month and has done for the past 18 years. He recently let this slip on a text during a nassassist rage rant as i had gone though CSA.

    He drives a new MB, lives in a £1000pcm rented house. Ect ect.

    Can i appeal on the basis of his lifestyle.and to ask.them to consider his finances and look into this closer. Its seems unfair.and im fuming about it.

    My son has refused any contact with his ‘the dad” since 2nd Feb 2021. My lad is 13 and Gillick competent? In feb 20 his father was verbally abusive to him when in his care which my son recorded on his phone.   My son has refused to see him again… at this time anyway. Thats another battle.  But i had to.leave my job to.care for him full time as i worked away 2 nights a week.

    His father has nassasistic traits and Ive been planning my escape for 3 years. Out of the 14 years together, i only lived with him for 5 years. I didnt apply to the CSA when not livi g togather in the past as i was manipulated into feeling i was unfair ect ect i was paid.more than him.

    I refuse to ruminate on the emotional abuse. Its taken away to.much of mine and.my sons time and im not leaving as a victim after this toxic 5 years.  The manipulation as abuse will not define my future and i wont let it impact on my son either.

    . Ive done lots of reseach into these NPD types, the trauma bonds, the gas lighting, triangation and his supply is stitched off.

    I have evey right to fight for my sons CSA and what seems fair and just.  Any help







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